Get the look of the season: Christmas jumpers

Alas, the festive season is rapidly approaching once again and you’re presented with a choice.


You can sit and complain about it, boycott all public spaces and keep a grumpy look on your face whenever Christmas songs come on the radio.


Or you can embrace the overblown cheese-fest for the joys it can hold, which is altogether more fun.


The number one way to welcome the holidays while staying amazingly comfy and warm – and, as a bonus, bang on trend – is the ultimately classic Christmas jumper.


The Christmas jumper is a trend which both boys and girls can get on board with.


Form meets function as the humble Christmas jumper is super practical and knitwear, especially when adorned with a festive pattern, is the number one winter accessory.


Above all, by far the best justification for purchasing a sweater embellished with a grinning moose would be the look of delight on your nan’s face when everyone else sees you wearing it.


The Christmas jumper is a statement piece which can easily take you from uni or the pub to Christmas dinner with all your relatives.


Girls can layer an oversized jumper over leggings and boots or tights and overknee socks for a casual yet classic look.


Boys, pair yours with chino trousers and a cute bobble hat to complete the look.


With festive knitwear, you can go as understated or as over the top as you like.


High street shops usually carry a wide range of pieces with subtle patterns and muted designs of snowflakes and the like.


But if you want to go really over the top, the best place to look is online or in one of Sheffield’s various vintage shops.


One could say the online monopoly of Christmas jumper sales is currently held by the Christmas Jumper King ( which sells a massive selection of truly some of the most amazing (or disgusting, depending on your outlook on this sort of thing) jumpers you can find.

Their website boasts “the most ridiculous novelty Christmas jumpers anywhere in the world”, which is really quite an impressive claim.


For a slightly less laughable piece, you can’t go wrong with trying Ebay or


Etsy is a gold mine for this sort of stuff, with independent sellers flogging their hand made and vintage items.


It is also a dream for Christmas shopping in general, as you can find unique hand crafted items for a decent price.


During a quick browse of one particular Etsy shop, I came across a knitted jumper depicting two reindeer engaging in intercourse.


Amusing, for you and your uni mates, but maybe not for your nan to see.


Both eBay and Etsy also sell knitting patterns, so the exceptionally ambitious can attempt to fashion their own jumpers at home.


As for the wonderful Sheffield high street, Topshop and River Island both carry a range of knitwear for men and women.


However, you will find the widest array of jumpers in no other than the wonderfully affordable student favourite: Primark.


Whether its leaping reindeer, jolly santas or glittering snowflakes you’re looking for… You’ll find it here, all for under £20.


If you’re looking for something unique, head to Bang Bang Vintage or Freshman’s, both just off West Street, or the independent shops and boutiques inside The Forum.


Although all vintage shops in Sheffield boast an agreeable, slightly larger-than-average selection of Christmas jumpers, the award for the best range of festive jumpers has to go to none other than West Street’s gloriously yellow COW.


They currently have an entire rail devoted to the things, which is somewhat impressive.




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