Health Myths Busted

We separate the food fact from fiction

THE MYTH Frozen veg aren’t as good as fresh

THE TRUTH That would be true if you were growing your own veg, as “just-picked” crops do have more vitamins and minerals, then they reduce during shipping and storage. But veg that was frozen as soon as it was picked retains almost all of its nutrients.

 THE MYTH Milk is the best source of calcium

THE TRUTH There are over 20 other foods that contain more calcium than milk and are easier for our bodies to digest, so we suggest backing away from the dairy slightly. Brocoli, watercress, dried fruits, nuts and pulses are all excellent sources of calcium – plus they are better for you.

THE MYTH Drink two litres of water a day

THE TRUTH Save yourself many drips to the bathroom. Nutritionists have stated to aim for 1.5 litres a day – but includthose cups of tea and juices. It’s all liquid!

THE MYTH Fresh fruit is better than dried fruit

THE TRUTH This is only true if you are looking for vitamin ‘c.’ Other than that, dried fruit contains just as many nutrients and sugar for energy as fresh fruit. If you subscribe to the notion that you should eat five fruits a day, then you only need one tablespoon of dried fruit per portion – so five tablespoons of dried fruit fulfils your daily need.

THE MYTH Eggs are bad for your heart

THE TRUTH Stop worrying! Although eggs contain a substantial amount of cholesterol in their yolks
– about 211 mg per large egg – the body compensates by making less cholesterol itself. By sticking to one egg a day you should be balanced.



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