Lifestyle Review: Shake Club

In the midst of one of Sheffield’s frequent rainstorms, we made the trip to Shake Club, Broomhill’s brand new and exciting milkshake bar, hoping for something warm and chocolatey to cheer us up.

We immediately felt comfortable in its friendly atmosphere.

The student owners were more than enthusiastic about discussing their new business enterprise, which takes any chocolate bar or sweet imaginable and transforms it into a tasty shake.

On volunteering to write this review we failed to take into account that Ruth had given up chocolate for Lent; a predicament that would surely limit her options of milkshake.

Yet whilst Ami enjoyed the envious task of indulging in a hot Minstrel shake, Ruth was assured by the that owners this was far from a dilemma.

Endless alternatives are offered, from Tic-Tacs to Haribo, to her delicious choice of Fruitella.

On a mission to flaunt chocolate in front of Ruth to the best of her ability, Ami went for the £3.49 special offer of ‘Shake and a Cake’, tasting the homemade Mars bar cheesecake of the day.

She soon repented after feeling the consequences of such a sugary overload. For those wanting to avoid this effect and feeling more health conscious, Shake Club also offers fresh fruit shakes.

You can even mix’n’match your flavours for whatever bizarre concoction you fancy.

Co-owner Reuben Newell claimed: “Boost and banana is just amazing.”

Even if you think it is a little beyond your student budget, then their ‘Shake of the day’ special offer for £1.79 should resolve this.

Being two of the rare few people who don’t enjoy either tea or coffee, this warm, sugary infusion replaces the caffeine boost which many students rely on to get through the days lectures. We found it to be a much yummier alternative.

Shake Club is open 10am-8pm seven days a week, for whenever the craving strikes…


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