Lonely this Christmas?

If the tinkering of Jingle Bells makes you morph into Bridget Jones, fear not, you’re not alone.


Being single in all the other seasons may not faze you that much, but the festive period seems to bring some unwanted feelings to the surface.


As romantic Christmas films hit the screens and gifts for that ‘special someone’ inundate our favourite shops, it’s hard to ignore your single status.


So what can you do about it? Hang around the mistletoe until someone absentmindedly steps under it? Or man the heck up?


Personally I vote for the latter, Christmas is about so much more than being in a relationship; it’s about candlelit carol services, quality time with your family, overdosing on mince pies and having turkey sandwiches well into the New Year.


Christmas is a time to be thankful, and there are a lot of perks to being single that you should appreciate, saving money being a big one.


It’s estimated that the UK spends over £16 billion on Christmas presents every year, a hefty feat when you’re a cash-strapped student barely surviving on a student loan.


With the commercialisation of Christmas leading us to believe that our loved one will be unaware of our amorous feelings unless we buy them the latest iPod or tickets to their favourite gig, it’s not difficult to see our precious money slipping through our gloved fingers.


Moreover, if you choose to make ‘the big step’ and spend Christmas with your partner you don’t want to ruin the festivities by arguments over the remote, I mean everyone knows Christmas day television revolves around Doctor Who, right?


Apparently not, one friend has even banned her boyfriend from watching the Christmas special this year… she clearly doesn’t grasp how cool bow ties are.


No matter how much you think you want to, don’t fall into the easy habit of an old flame.


The festivities plus copious amounts of mulled wine may make you think that reigniting the fire is all you want for Christmas (Mariah Carey style) but the harsh reality is that as the New Year looms that loved up magical feeling has about as much longevity as those quietly forgotten resolutions.


All in all this Christmas time embrace being a single pringle.


I mean you may be alone, but you’re not Home Alone.


Perspective, people.



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