Make your student house more of a home

Looking for a way to turn your production-line, shoebox-like university residence walls into a real home-from-home?


Try making this cute door or wall hanger, which will instantly add a touch of individuality and personality to your bedroom?

Taking inspiration from vintage-inspired home accessories from Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley, and picking up on the trend from Vogue with their ‘make-do-and-mend’ photo shoot.

This door hanger can be easily adapted to fit the materials you have to hand and your personal taste.

Best of all it can be made for less than one English pound.

All you’ll need is a coat hanger and some fabric.

A mixture of lace, ribbon, silk, felt and plain old cotton have been used here , go for either contrasting or matching colours: the end result will be impressive regardless.  

What You’ll Need:

a wire coat hanger

offcuts & scraps of material (lace, ribbon, fabric etc.) cut into strips approximately 7-10cm in length

1.5m of ribbon (optional)

wire cutter

Time It Will Take

Approximately an hour (depending on your knot-tying skills)

 What To Do

Begin by getting all of your fabric cut into strips.

The lengths are approximate but they will need to be at least long enough to tie around the hanger in a knot with a little tail left sticking off.

Try having a range of lengths and thicknesses, this will add to the overall effect

 Next, take your coat hanger and, using the wire cutters, cut off the hook at the point where the wire twists together but not so that the wire actually untwists.

 Using the pointy bit of the hanger (where the hook used to be) as the bottom, bend the rest into a heart shape.

 Now for adding the material, it’s up to you how you go about it in terms of what colours you tie on in what order.

Make sure you tie each piece around the wire in a knot and put the next one as close as possible to it so that you get a nice, full effect at the end with no wire showing.

Finally, you could add a bow at the bottom as seen on the .

Simply tie it through the remainder of the twist from the hook.

Now you have a simple, yet beautiful home accessory that you made yourself.


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