Sex with a house-mate: Too close to home?

We all have a friend of a friend who lives in a student house where the boundaries have become muddled. Muddled as in two of their house-mates are ‘at it’ and nobody seems to know what to say and where to look.

You can’t really blame them for their risky ‘romance’ – after all aren’t they just utilising opportunities? An equation of hot house-mate plus loads of time spent together is always going to equal sexual tension. The question is: should that tension have been acted upon?

For some, the idea of having that special someone living in the room next door may be very appealing, for others sharing a laundry load is about as intimate as they ever want to get with their housemates.

I just can’t imagine your hot housemate seeming so alluring when they’re walking around in flannelette pjs and nagging you to do the hoovering.

“Honey, it’s your turn to clean the toilet” are words I wouldn’t want to utter until I at least own a dog with my significant other. In fact no, not even then.

If it’s casual I say be cautious. After an awkward one-night stand it may seem feasible to hide in your room living off the cereal bar stash under your bed but realistically you’ll eventually starve, but for some, a fling with a housemate can turn into something a bit more than a sneaky fumble under the table during Sunday lunch.

Although it can be venturing into dangerous territory there seems to be something refreshingly traditional about it. For example, cheeky texts needn’t be sent to alert your partner you’re on the prowl, you can simply knock on their bedroom door wearing a smile (and hopefully a dressing gown for the sake of your other house-mates).

And the ‘sakes’ of your housemates can be a big issue for the incestuous couple. Exactly where and when is it okay for heavy petting to occur? During Loose Women, in the shower, or on the kitchen table; are some places off limits? Plus, forget just the inconvenience of slap-and-tickle, imagine the awkwardness after a messy break-up? Do you expect housemates to take sides? No-one wants to walk on egg shells while a slanging match takes place on the landing.

Okay it might not be an ideal situation, but if dealt with carefully, who knows it could turn into something beautiful, albeit beautiful with the occasional washing up row.


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