Stuck in Britain for summer?

Stuck in Britain for the summer and didn’t manage to get those tickets for the Olympics 100m sprint final? Join the club! Don’t panic though – there are plenty of ways to distract yourself from the ‘alternative’ British weather.  Sadly, it’s inevitable that the Euros and the Olympics and Wimbledon will eventually finish, so here are a few sparks of inspiration to fill the gaps in your summer break…

At this point, the most obvious suggestion is a music festival, but after hearing about the mud-slide that was the Isle of Wight Festival, this might be risky business at the moment… (For those who have already purchased a ticket for a festival over the summer, just make sure you invest in some high-quality wellies, and check that none of your tent poles are broken before you leave!).

However, if you fancy an adventure in the great outdoors but don’t envisage yourself repeatedly hammering tent pegs into a muddy field, you’ll be relieved to know that there are a variety of alternatives.

Why not go all Native American and try renting a tipi for the weekend? Or maybe a yurt? Or, er, a fifty year old caravan? (Looks more hip than it sounds, that one). Websites such as are a good starting point, definitely beats the £10 supermarket tent.

For those who prefer culture to nature, Notting Hill Carnival (August 26 – 27) represents Europe’s largest street festival and is a fantastic Caribbean celebration with plenty to see, as well as food and music. What more do you need? This colourful experience will be well worth a trip to London, particularly if the Rio Carnival is a trans-Atlantic flight too far for your student budget.

Continuing with the music theme, Tramlines music festival takes place on July 20 – 22 and gives you the opportunity to see performances by Reverend and the Makers, We Are Scientists and, ahem, Ms Dynamite, plus plenty of others. It’s free and it’s in Sheffield and basically you should definitely go.

And finally, you can always take a holiday in England (bear with me on this one). Ok, so our weather is unpredictable, but this is the beauty of websites like – if it looks as if we have a mini-heat wave headed our way, simply book a few nights in a hotel and set off soon as! If you find the right deal it can be pretty damn cheap to stay in some genuinely nice places, so get some mates involved and make the most of your summer in Britain.



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