Take a dirrrty picture for me

‘Sexting’: when you send provocative photos through text message. It seems everyone’s at it, or at least a lot of married male celebs are.

From slightly naughty underwear snaps to hardcore images, this foray into voyeurism shows no signs of abating, with 33% of young adults admitting to it.

As many students know, keeping the sexual tension can be difficult if you both attend different universities and a cheeky flash can help keep the heat simmering until you see each other again and weeks of yearning are finally sated.

But the accidental slip of a finger and what was meant to be for their eyes only floods all of your contacts’ inboxes, including your dad’s.
Sunday lunches with your family will never quite be the same again. And what about ‘Skype sex?’

In theory it sounds great – being able to hear and see each other is the closest you’re going to get to physically being with them if you are geographically separated.

However, anyone who has seen American Pie will know that for those who aren’t technologically savvy, it can easily find itself streaming to more than just the intended recipient.

For some thrill-seekers, that is simply part of the fun, but is it really worth it?

Plus, as anyone in student accommodation knows, internet connection reliability is hardly stellar and the last thing you want is to disconnect at that pivotal moment.

Talk about an anti-climax…

Forget learning from our own mistakes, wouldn’t it be far better to learn from other people’s? Look at anyone from Vernon Kay to Vanessa Hudgens (twice, it seems that girl will never learn), these things have a sneaky habit of appearing at the least opportune moment.
Moreover, while you are in the full flush of love, or at least lust, the thought of a future break-up is hardly an aphrodisiac, but the fact is the person you’re with now may not be there forever. With this in mind, is allowing them to have such a sensitive photo of you really a good idea? Many jilted lovers have found solace in getting sweet revenge by posting incriminating evidence on the internet.
Even if you can trust your other half not to splash photos of your unmentionables to all and sundry, with the prevalence of ‘fraping’ you could inadvertently find yourself with a much larger audience than anticipated.

I say just don’t do it. No matter how exciting it may seem at the time, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

Plus with all that built up sexual tension from abstaining, the reunion is bound to be met with fireworks.


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