Tis the season to be…revising

For students Christmas is not always ‘the season to be jolly’. There is always something that needs to be done in this festive season, whether it’s putting the Christmas tree up, carving the turkey or buying some last-minute presents. How do we possibly cram in our revision and essays during this hectic period? Fortunately, there are some very handy tips which can help keep you on top of your studies without having to sacrifice the enjoyment of the holidays!

  • Firstly, do not panic or leave tasks to the last minute. Instead, channel this anxiety into something positive by creating a revision timetable and spreading the revision and essay writing across different days—it is best to note down your deadlines and work around them
  • Ensure that you have a quiet and comfortable area where you can revise without any distractions
  • Understand your body clock—figure out whether you work best during the morning or night and plan your revision around this so you can study efficiently. This way you can allocate ‘play time’ to your less productive parts of the day without feeling guilty
  • Remember to have some ‘rewards’ in order to keep yourself motivated, such as by giving yourself a day off once in a while
  • When there’s too much on your plate, say so. If you really don’t have time to take the Christmas decorations down or to walk the dog then voice your concerns and it is more than likely that your friends or family will understand
  • Don’t suffer in silence—if you’re struggling with essays, revision tactics or exam questions then ask around. Remember, your tutors are usually still in reach via email and you always have course mates, friends and family to turn to.

So there you have it, six useful tips on how to juggle your studies with the festive activities during the Christmas holidays. If you’re ever feeling disheartened or anxious about your essay deadlines or exams remember that you are not the only one suffering. Take a break, have a hot cup of tea, and soldier on once your positive state of mind returns. The key is to remember that hard work will be rewarded with good grades—good luck!


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