Ways to make your summer pay…

It’s the dreaded student dilemma. Do you spend an entire summer elbow-deep in a sink of grimy water scrubbing dishes in order to save some beer money, or do you use your student overdraft to have the summer of a lifetime travelling?

Well fear not. There are ways to get away from our disappointing English summer without getting in serious trouble with your bank. Here are Lifestyle’s top ways to make your summer pay…


 TEFL course

Though pricey at first glance, once you’ve got yourself a TEFL qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) you will be able to get a teaching job in Southeast Asia for the rest of your life. So think of this one as a long term investment. Courses range from online to training packages abroadwith a job guaranteed at the end. It’s a great qualification to have under your belt and could be the perfect escape route from a jobless England once you graduate.


Get a bar job

If you’re looking for something a little easier, or have no interest in teaching, then head to a party island like Magaluf. There are plenty of jobs for foreigners, especially if you’re happy to work the night shift promoting clubs or selling shots. Every summer many students flock to the sunny island of Magaluf, and a lot end up ‘accidentally’ missing their flight home. There’s a lot of money to be made, and who wouldn’t want to live the party lifestyle every day of summer.

Take a minute to think about your liver though…

Camp America

If kids are your thing and getting paid to spend your summer in America appeals, then what are you waiting for! Sign up for Camp America. Each year more than 7,500 applicants take part, which has got to say something. You pay just over £600, which includes your flight, and then get bed and board for nine weeks. On top of this, depending on your role, you get from $600 – $1200 of ‘pocket money’ per month. So not only will you reclaim your initial payment, but you may also be left with a few quid to fund some travelling afterwards.


Au pair

Not just for girl’s, au pairing can be a lucrative way to spend your summer. So long as you can deal with tantrums, the pay usually includes bed and board and two days off a week, which gives you a good chance to explore your new neighbourhood. The best thing about au-pairing is that you could literally do it any where in the world. Just sign up with a reputable agency and they’ll do all the hard work for you.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to travel round Europe, then investing in an InterRail pass provides an affordable solution. Prices start at a mere £154 for a Global Pass, which allows unlimited train travel between 30 European countries (for a certain number of days within a month). If you’re on an even tighter budget, a One Country pass is also available. For certain countries, including the Czech Republic and Greece, prices are as low as £44 for 3 days travel. InterRail passes provide a low-cost and flexible option for students wanting to explore Europe.


Paid Work abroad

Working holidays can provide a cost-effective way, for those on a student budget, to see the world. Gap year company Gap 360 currently offers opportunities for paid work in Australia, New Zealand and the USA from as little as £299 (flights not included). Their job services provide support for finding work in a number of sectors, from theme parks to restaurants, for the duration that suits you.

Whilst the travel may be pricey, chances are you’ll be able to earn back the money invested in flights whilst working. Paid work abroad provides an incredible opportunity to see parts of the world you may have only dreamed of, whilst gaining friends and invaluable experience at the same time.



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