Oscar Scheller or Oscar (his chosen moniker) is standing in front of a background bedecked in Julian Opie-Blur best of… era drawings of himself.

They are as distracting as they are enticing. Luckily, so is Oscar in person when he comes on the stage. He has enough stage presence to eclipse himself.

Oscar begins with ‘Beautiful Words’ from his debut Cut and Paste which is in fact quite lovely to hear. All shimmering and heartfelt. Just what pop songs should be. His knowledge is, perhaps, to be expected when both his parents are musicians. He channels all that was good about the 1990s – the great melodies but with less fighting and more dancing. His songwriting is clever but never knowingly so. He is there to have just as much fun as you.

He is talkative too. Regularly talking about his experience at Central Saint Martins, girls he loved and boys who loved the same girls as him. He asks if anyone has ever broken their phone, a poll he has been conducting on this tour which leads him into ‘Breaking My Phone’ featuring a blistering bubble gum appearance from his opening act, Girli.

‘Daffodil Days’ has a great melody, hook and chorus. He affirms that he “won’t break, whatever good things come my way”. His voice and intonation on his words is at its strongest, part Faris Badwan, part Tony Hadley. He is known for his lo-fi bedroom garage-band music making but not tonight. The audience are very glad as it would be the dullest thing to watch him use a laptop I his bedroom for 45 minutes. There would not be enough room to dance.

Ending with the raucous and fuzzy ‘Sometimes’, he spends most of the song in the crowd running around and laughing. It takes a brave artist to go by just your first name. It can be a struggle, what about google searches in this technological world? But tonight there was no struggle insight.

Oscar made sure that his name was all over the place. It’s clear that Oscar likes what he is doing, and everyone likes Oscar.


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