On Thursday the 13th October, the Ivor Novello winning Jamie Lawson performed at the O2 Academy, entertaining hundreds with a jam-packed set list in a way that felt like a 1 on 1, intimate gig.

Supported by ‘Dancing on My Own’ singer Calum Scott, from the beginning until the end the audience were captivated and well-entertained.

Signed to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man label, similarities between their soul-searching, stripped back acoustic tunes can be spotted. The gig provided a constant lyrical reminder of emotional pain, and the raw words kept the audience silent and listening throughout, with interludes of more up-beat songs, keeping a balance between solo acoustic performances and band accompaniments.

Lawson can be criticised (as he admits himself) for a consistent theme of sadness in his songs, yet he got the crowd moving with an excellent, buoyant cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.

He proved himself as Mr Nice Guy by presenting support act Calum Scott with a birthday cake during his set, and he also interrupted his own set to request a lighting change when people at the front appeared to be being ‘blinded’.

Humble as ever, he thanked the crowd a number of times for the support over the past year with the self titled album Jamie Lawson (October 2015) before playing his number one hit ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’. He even dedicated a song about depression and melancholy, ‘Sometimes It’s Hard’, to those suffering with mental health illnesses following Mental Health Awareness day earlier in the week.

Most songs performed were from Lawson’s first album, but the audience were lucky enough to hear snippets from a new album that was exclusively announced to be released in January 2017. New song titles included ‘The Other Side of the Day’ and ‘Don’t Say You Don’t if You Do’, and for the encore the audience were treated to an exclusive peak at a newly written song titled ‘The Last Spark’.

Silence amongst the audience depicted the heart-breaking content that moved the room in way rarely seen at a gig of its size. If anyone in the audience wasn’t a fan before the gig, they certainly will be now.



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