Jamie Treays turned 30 earlier this year and his debut album, Panic Prevention, is soon to turn 10.

But the artist known as Jamie T showed no signs of weariness when belting out fan favourites, old and new, to a sold out O2 Academy Sheffield on Friday night.

Now touring his fourth album, Trick, the South Londoner has matured with age. But Treays still exudes the same brash attitude he did 10 years ago, strutting around his stage spitting brutally honest descriptions of modern life into his microphone.

His opening song, ‘Power Over Men’ from the new album, had the crowd singing and dancing along from the go. ‘Tescoland’ followed, before a throwback to 2007 with two album tracks from his debut record, ‘Operation’ and ‘Pacemaker’.

After a series of slower tunes, Treays had a break from the music to recall the time he heard his first song on the radio, and to thank a certain DJ John Kennedy for making it happen. He then played said track, with a 2,000 strong crowd screaming every word of ‘If You Got The Money’ back to him.

Treays only had to sing the first line of ‘Sheila’ before he was drowned out by fans, who ranged from teenage girls to groups of middle aged men. At this point the crowd descended into complete chaos, with the crowd surfing better described as swimming, or even drowning, because all that could be seen of some ‘surfers’ were flailing legs above heads.

‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’ soon followed, wrapping up the set in a suitably hectic manner, with fans screaming “I’m a featherweight champion, cheap to get p*ssed” louder than any other line in the set.

When Treays emerged solo with an acoustic bass guitar for an encore, one fan jumped the gun, screaming “Take your brother down to the sea” before the singer had even reached his microphone. When ‘Back in the Game’ started for real, every word was again sung by all, from the front row to the balconies.

As has become tradition since 2014, Treays ended with ‘Zombie’, leaving his usual lengthy gap after the opening verses before breaking into the chorus and allowing his fans one final frenzied dance.

With his latest album, and a set this strong, it’s fair to say Jamie T is well and truly back in the game.



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