After an almost two year break from both writing and performing music, fans were eagerly anticipating the return of You Me At Six in Sheffield, evident through the size of the crowd for the support act Vant.

It was immediately obvious that You Me At Six were going to use the break as a chance to change direction and redefine their band’s sound. The lights stayed low and there was a red, misty haze over the opening drum beats of ‘When I Was Younger’. Leaving no time for talking the band raced through some of their older tracks to open the gig: ‘Bite My Tongue’, ‘Fresh Start Fever’ and ‘Loverboy’ appealing to their now older fanbase by making the tracks darker and heavier. The band proved to their fans that although they had been away, they are now back and are definitely still worth listening to.

There were only three tracks played from their new album- two which have already been released, ‘Night People’ and ‘Plus One’ which went down well with the crowd but also ‘Swear’, reflecting the moodier vibe they showcased at the start. Josh encouraged the crowd that ‘not a single person should be stood still’, a cliché but one that people actually listened to this time. Looking down from the balcony the fans filled the entire floor and rather than there being one group in the crowd who were moving with the music, in this case it was everyone, which is a credit to the band and the dedication of their fans.

There was one part of the night that could be considered slightly like Marmite- you would have either loved it or hated it. The band talked about how we all should be united and ‘leave our baggage at the door’ to be able to enjoy the gig together, but then the speech turned political. Talking about the current US political debate seemed in a way unnecessary and not related to the music. It was quite a long speech and potentially unpopular. Although there were cheers encouraging the speech, they were nowhere near as loud as those heard previously. However Josh then sang an acoustic version of ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’, showcasing the range he can achieve on his voice with Max accompanying him on the guitar and potentially redeemed themselves with any unhappy fans.

This led the band into their encore, finishing the night with ‘Night People’, reminding the crowd of the sound of the new You Me At Six, and what they can expect from their next album.



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