GEORGIE is a 20 year old singer song-writer from Nottingham, who’s stunning indie rock sound has seen her have an amazingly successful year, despite her relatively young age.

Georgie has been playing guitar and making music since she was 14 years old, telling me that her Mother had a huge influence on her musical path since she was ‘always playing music around the house’ including ‘amazing records’ from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin, and with this being the case it’s no wonder that she was inspired to pick up a guitar and begin expressing her own creative voice.

Georgie remained quiet and almost nervous during the interview showing that despite her success, she is still very much a down to earth person. When discussing how important this past year has been for her, we discussed the fact that she signed for Columbia Records several months ago, an event which she admitted is ‘always what you hope for’ as a musician, citing ‘the heritage’ of a label as big as Columbia being one of the most amazing things about the breakthrough as she knows that she has so many of their records at home herself.

One of the things that helped Georgie’s career beyond her family and talent has been amazing positive press she’s received and her decision to take all of the chances that she can such as posting her music on the BBC Introducing website. It’s the range of music that they accept and the support of the local Introducing managers that makes the platform so worthwhile in her opinion.

At the end of September, Georgie released her first official single ‘Company of Thieves’ a guitar and bass heavy track, oozing with assertive confidence and boosting an extremely catchy chorus. Interestingly, she also admitted being aware of her position as a female artist in the industry and admitted that this fuelled her desire of come out with a song that could really ‘bang through the scene’ of the female pop world.

Making a video for the track was a wholly new experience for Georgie, who is more comfortable on the stage than in front of the camera. However, being part of the creative process of storyboarding helped boost her confidence and she admits that after a while she began to really enjoy it.

Georgie struggled to categorically define her sound, an admittedly tricky task, but settled upon the loose label of ‘classic songs with a modern twist’. This certainly seems applicable from the music she has released so far all of which has a timeless sound, and all of which have sharp and witty lyrics, including a song which she laughingly confessed was about an ex-boyfriend that ‘couldn’t handle his drink’.

Her tour with Jake Bugg has been ongoing for several weeks now and all in all she describes the experience as ‘amazing’. Having supported him for one off gigs before, she tells me how she was thrilled to be invited by him again, especially as he is someone that she deeply respects as an artist.

Her advice for anyone trying to be successful in the music industry? “Keep it all about the music…write songs all the time, play gigs every night” and most importantly let your passion for music keep driving you on.


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