The atmosphere of the night was undeniably electric at the O2 Academy Sheffield and it’s fair to say that Jake Bugg played to match.
The opening act GEORGIE set the perfect scene with her heavy indie rock vibes and raspy, powerful voice. With engaging, witty lyrics and catchy hooks, she is certainly an artist to keep an eye on as her talent speaks for itself.

In an unconventional move, Bugg’s set began with four acoustic numbers. Spotlight focused, his voice cut through the buzz of the crowd and he certainly made his presence known. On amazing form, Bugg sounded stunning and the passion oozing from every word was palpable for everyone present. As his set moved on and picked up pace his intricate and impressive guitar solos matched his vocals and as demonstrated by the bouncing crowd, the atmosphere was buzzing.

What Bugg lacked in conversation between each song, he made up for with his stage presence and he truly spoke through his songs. His raw lyrics were hard hitting when supported by his quality sounding band. Any conversation was full of thanks, he was simply grateful to the audience for coming out, especially since it was a Tuesday night, showing us that he is still a humble live performer.

By including tracks such as ‘I’ve seen it all’ and ‘On my One’, Bugg really kept Nottingham and the North right at the heart of his sound which was arguably what helped fuel the passionate crowd. His subjects are still familiar, authentic and tangible despite Bugg’s national and international success. And these tracks were some of the highlights of his performance, as he sang with his eyes closed, fully immersed in his own lyrics.

Bugg married the perfect balance of old and new tracks. Aware of the loyalty of his fans and the success of his first album he confessed that he knew many people would be there for his classics, as they can be called, despite the fact that they were only released in 2012. This being said, the fans sang along almost religiously, cheering feverishly at the opening chords of each song regardless of which album it belonged to.

Although Jake Bugg’s public presence has been slightly decreased in recent times, this performance made it clear that his talent is still alive and kicking.



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