Alison Walker got to chat to Ardyn on behalf of Forge before their supported Wild Beasts

Gloucestershire Siblings took the stage, supporting Wild Beast, on their first UK tour.

20 year old brother and sister, Rob and Katy Pearson, sat down with us before their gig at the Student Union on Saturday and told us about their success over the last year, creative process, and their eccentric relative which inspired the name “Ardyn” (pronounced “R-Dn”).

Since forming their band 5 years ago, the musically talented duo have performed over 175 gigs across the UK, developing their talent, and gaining fans with their self-written lyrics and soothing melodies. Katy expressed that her lyrics come from a “sense of consciousness”, and apart from “The Universe”, her lyrics have had an emotional connection to the way she was feeling at the time, and the tune followed suit.

Their first EP “The Universe” was released last year, and after being consumed with a busy festival season, like Bestival and the Sheffield acclaimed Tramlines, which was ‘one of the best gigs we did this season’; Ardyn have come back to the wind and hills to indulge fans with their ambient music as they join Wild Beast’s UK tour. Now their dream has become more real, as people unload their equipment for them whilst they enjoy a classic Sheffield meal at The Harley.

With a name like Ardyn, we knew there would be an interesting story. ‘We had a distant relative show up called “Ardyn” and we got along really well, so we asked her if we could name our band after her’. An eccentric relative, with peacocks in her home and the heart of a youngster, seemed like the perfect fit for the bass, guitar and piano playing sibling band. Although the two have grown up together, and those of you at home that are now thinking of starting a sibling band; the two said they have to make a conscious effort to keep a professional relationship, “Its hard because we do get competitive”.

Sat in the room before they go off for a sound check, the two were very professional and excited to announce their first Headline tour, which starts in Glasgow on the 10th of November.

Their plans will be to move to London, but until then they are more than happy to please a London crowd at their gigs, before retreating to the Countryside, where the two grew up, as there is no place like home.

Big up, Ardyn!


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