So how did the band form? How did it all come about?
Danny (drummer), Felix (singer) and I had been playing in various projects and bands since we were about eleven. So it’s been a long process forming this band, I guess. But this project was formed with John, about three or four years ago now, when we met him in the pub. He was great and we invited him to join the band, and he wanted to. The rest is history!

What are the musical and non-musical influences that inspire the music that you make?

We’re all influenced by different things. Danny and I are more into funk and soul, whereas John’s more into punk rock. So we all have different genres that we specialize in and then bring into the table when we’re writing.

And what about non-musical influences that inspire you?
Felix does all the lyrics and on the first record there was a supernatural theme to it, with ghosts and witches, stuff like that. So that was definitely on his mind. And I think on the second record he is going a bit more ‘natural’ rather than supernatural. The themes are based around reality, and nature.

What do you want your fans or people in general to get out of your music when listening to it?
Potentially, you just want an emotional reaction to the music and for it to resonate with them and make them feel a certain way. I think that’s the only thing that we can hope for.

You’re a painter and you did the artwork for your debut album ‘A Dream Outside’. Will we be seeing more of your artwork?
Yes, definitely! I am in the process of working on a new series of work for the next record and the singles. I think it’s good, it should be a bit more unified this time, because for the last album and its singles, we kind of all just picked bits and bobs that I had anyway, that I had lying around almost. And we used them and fit them. This time around, I’ve started from scratch and got a whole theme. I think it looks a bit more thought out, hopefully.

Will it be implemented into the band’s merch?
Yeah, definitely. (Hopefully!)

Is there a show that really stood out to you and you’ll never forget for whatever reason?
Playing the Scala in London on the last album tour was pretty special. It’s by far the biggest show we’ve done – the biggest headline show we’ve done anyway. All of our friends and family were there. It was absolutely terrifying but really rewarding at the end. It felt like a big step for us.

Is there a particular song that you love playing live on tour?
I really enjoy playing ‘Embers’ live, I think it’s one of the most lively and dramatic to play live. It always changes though, so one song is really fun for a few months and then another one start to prefer playing. But at the moment I’d say ‘Embers’ for me is the most fun to play live.

What are the best and worst parts about touring?
The best part is definitely the stage time, when you’re playing and meeting people afterwards and the evenings. But the days are not the best part – they’re just waiting around all day or driving. Basically, you kind of live for the evenings.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Not so much. Just make sure everyone is there!

Is there anything exciting in the works?
Yeah, we just finished recording our second album. That’s really exciting and it should be out early-ish next year and we’re just getting it mixed at the moment.

Is there anything that you can exclusively tell us about the new album?
Err… It’s got songs on it and it’s made with instruments. I think that’s as much as I can say!

That’s okay! So, the last question is, ‘what’s one question you’d want an interviewer to ask you?’ Because you probably get asked the same questions repeatedly.
I guess something like ‘what’s your favourite vegetable?’ Something like that. And I’d have to say ‘chips’.

Chips aren’t vegetables!
Well, potatoes then.

Okay, well thanks for chatting with me.
You’re welcome. Thanks for calling.


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