Gengahr kicked off their tour with a free show at Sheffield’s hipster hotspot Bungalows & Bears. That certainly paid off in numbers as the psychedelic indie band drew an overflowing sea of people to the venue.

Gengahr’s lead singer Felix sings with his eyes closed about witches and ghosts, with so much passion and emotion that you can’t help but close your eyes to try and take it all in and follow him to that supernatural place he’s singing about.

But then you’re brought back to reality when you hear Felix joking between songs. And you see their guitarist John – who may be the most energetic out of the bunch, jumping and head-banging at all the right moments just as the music gets louder and more aggressive.

Their set list has a natural flow with their songs almost merging together as one long continuous and cohesive piece. But then they play singles like ‘Heroine’ and there is an instant shift of increased attention and hype from the crowd as they all begin to mouth back the lyrics.

Along with Gengahr playing other fan favourites like ‘She’s A Witch’, they also treated us to some new unreleased songs they’ve been working on. As they began playing those songs you can see the room ignite in excitement and anticipation to hear the new tunes from Gengahr’s second upcoming album.

The new tunes certainly sound like Gengahr, but if you weren’t told they were new you’d probably think it’s just any other song of theirs.

Every Gengahr member played their part to the maximum, although their drummer Danny blended into the background and was almost forgotten. But, they all worked cohesively together as a band to make their united front be the centre of attention, which is rare to find in bands, as you usually have one or two members stealing the entire spotlight.

Overall, Gengahr sound as good as they do on their recorded album A Dream Outside and their live presence is solid and cohesive, so if you like this genre of music you will not be disappointed. They should be at the top of your gig list, that’s for sure!



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