For their newest single from the Head Full of Dreams album, Coldplay have released a piano-led ballad titled, ‘Everglow’.
Chris martin premiered the track, which features very subtle background vocals from his ex-wife Gwenyth Paltrow, on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show just eight days before Coldplay’s release of their new LP, A Head Full of Dreams.

This single comes as a contrast to their latest upbeat and eclectic album, and sounds like a far more emotional and traditional track from previous albums like Ghost Stories.
As for the inspiration behind the track, Martin told Lowe, “I was in the ocean one day with this surfer guy, who spoke just like you’d imagine a surfer guy to speak … This guy spoke like Sean Penn’s character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He was like, ‘Yo dude, I was doing this thing the other day man, it gave me this total everglow!’

“I was like, ‘What an amazing word.’ Then the song came completely out, and to me, it’s about – whether it’s a loved one or a situation or a friend or a relationship that’s finished or someone’s passed away – I was really thinking about, after you’ve been through the sadness of something, you also get this everglow. That’s what it’s about.”

The album, A Head Full of Dreams, was certainly meant to be outgoing and eccentric however ‘Everglow’ strips back that rawness and provides a humble and powerful ballad to even out the album.
Coldplay’s eccentric music can sometimes be overwhelming and messy, however when they take it back to basics and produce classic, timeless ballads like this we are reminded why they remain such a consistent force in the music industry.




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