The four piece from Watford released their fifth album ‘Safe in Sound’ at the start of February, reaching the top 5 in the album chart.

The opening track sets the tone for the album, and it is easy to see why it is being played on Playlist A on Radio 1. The opening catchy guitar riffs set the tone and tell their old fans that they are back and ready for some attention.

The album overall has a more complex sound than their debut EP and it is clear the band have found their comfortable style. ‘I Would’ is a great example of Lower Than Atlantis experimenting with the sound; the stop-start nature of the track is combatted by the guitar-heavy chorus which makes ties the track together.

‘Money’ offers fans a new side of Lower Than Atlantis; gentler drum beats and guitar rhythms with softer vocals. It is this diversity which is offered on Safe in Sound which shows the progression of Lower Than Atlantis from their first album and offers the opportunity for them not only to keep their original fans with the same infectious tracks but also attract a whole new audience.

Other critics have said that Mike Duce has mastered his lyrical composition and this album appears to capture the perfect balance between expressing emotion whilst preventing it from dominating the track, letting the music alone still be a strong selling point of the album itself.

It is a credit to Lower Than Atlantis that after three years they have been able to come back with such a strong presence. After Biffy Clyro and You Me At Six’s most recent albums both reached top 5, it definitely shows that rock isn’t dead and maybe even that it’s starting to make a return.



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