There’s something different about Sundara Karma.

They’ve got an abundance of sixteen year old fan girls, the glittering guitars and the flashing lights at their gig at Leadmill like any other boy band, but there is more to them than that. It’s the age range of the fans from fifteen to fifty, the fact that the venue is packed for the support acts before Sundara Karma even come onto the stage and that they don’t need to fill the gaps between tracks with chat.

The band fly through tracks of their album; ‘Flame’, ‘Vivienne’ and ‘Lose the Feeling’ to name but a few, throwing some new tracks into the mix and presenting their next single, ‘Happy Family’. Front man Oscar Pollock leads the vocals, and is remarkably similar to the band’s recordings, meaning their tracks are instantly recognisable.

Sundara Karma mixed it up a little, performing a cover of Luther Vandross, ‘Never Too Much’ and managed to add their own twist, taking a break from the regular chords and rhythm to add a an interlude focusing solely on their guitars – and it looked like they were having a very good time judging by all of the long hair which was rocking back and forth over their faces, getting pretty sweaty!

Pollock drew the crowd straight back into Sundara Karma’s relaxed and mellow vibe after the slight diversion asking the crowd, ‘I hope you are still feeling splendid Sheffield?’. It was the final song which followed this which proved to fans that the band had definitely performed that night.

‘Love Blood’ having been included in the Radio One playlist and performing on the very same Leadmill stage at Tramlines, the band are evidently well practised at performing the song and it shows – the energy and reaction of the crowd was immense.

Sundara Karma certainly put on quite a show at Leadmill, having obviously acquired a loyal fan based around the country.

One thing that has to be said is that it was the faster and more upbeat tracks which got a better reception, but having only just released their debut album at the start of 2017 the band are certainly making their presence known and seem to be having a good time along the way!



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