The foundry was busy for Will Joseph Cook and Fickle Friends, but nothing compared to the crowd for Peace.

With tickets only £6 and the band’s first performance since 2015 it was definitely not to be missed. And with a free £10 Topman voucher on entry, what’s not to love?!

Opening with ‘Higher Than The Sun’ the band reminded the crowd why they’ve waited so long for their return – their energy was infectious. With mosh pits opening all over the place it was quite a rowdy crowd, but it matches Peace’s enthusiasm.

It wasn’t only the crowd of students who were anticipating Peace’s performance, vocalist Natassja Shiner bopped around the stage and yelled three times, ‘I can’t wait for Peace!’ a self-confessed fan girl who promised to join the crowd for their performance.

What was so nice about the gig was that there was no production or commercialisation to the music. Obviously Topman were in the background in sponsorship with NME but that could easily be forgotten when facing the stage. There were no fancy backdrops, no changing of drum-covers, the bands just came onto the stage and performed. And that was why the crowd was there. No one wanted a confetti cannon to explode at the end of performances, they just wanted one more song.

The band barely stopped to chat between tracks, simply telling the crowd that they’ve spent the last eighteen months hardly seeing anyone so they were pleased to be back. This is clear through the number of tracks they managed to race through in the set: ‘Lost on Me’, ‘Money’ and ‘Follow Baby’ were particular highlights.

Lost in the busy set list, it was presumed that ‘Wraith’ would be the final track, being the track that charted and got them initially noticed in the mainstream music scene. However, that presumption was wrong. Peace continued to play the punch ‘Love Sick’ before closing with a seven minute edition ‘World Pleasure’. It was a wicked, guitar-heavy ordeal and the crowd were loving it. The fact that the crowd lingered despite the clock already having hit eleven proved this.

After telling Sheffield that they were ‘magical’ the band floated off of the stage and left the audience ready for the return of Peace, hopefully in time for Summer because their music does nothing but lift your mood!


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