Friday 20:00 – late @ Mulberry Tavern

Saturday 12:50 @ Tiger Works

Throat-shredding screams and arena-ready chorus, this post-hardcore outfit are as thrilling to witness as they are bizarre to look at. Having built up a dedicated following in the Sheffield heavy music scene over the past six months while playing alongside acts such as HED (PE) and Palm Reader they are now taking the next step in their careers having just spent time recording in the studio. With an utterly unhinged-looking vocalist switching between angelic melody and demonic roars on the turn of a dime – and unquestionably the sharpest-dressed bassist you’re likely to see all festival – no one knows what will happen next with this band. Whatever it is, expect it to be big and incredibly loud.

What do you enjoy most about Tramlines?

It’s really cool to see the diversity of styles of music across the whole city. You certainly don’t get that at T in the Park, that’s for sure. No one can say that there isn’t a genre for them over this weekend. Only Tramlines would have Oathbreaker in the City Hall and Libertines and Lady Leshyrr in the park next door.

We’ve heard about your live shows, what motivates you to put on such an unpredictable live performance?

It kinda just happens? Like, your body becomes a living, breathing conduct for the music and before you know it you wake up the next morning with a microphone shaped bruise on your forehead. Also for us we think it is important for a live show to be more than just playing your music with nothing else. Live shows are a unique opportunity to express yourself and captivate an audience and one we do not want to pass up, even if that does mean a few cuts and bruises from jumping of raised surfaces.

What do you enjoy most about Sheffield’s music scene?

You never know what kind of bill you’re gonna be put on! Imagine the surprise of the audience when we were the next band on after an electro-hurdy-gurdy act. That and the sheer number and diversity of the local music scene shows Sheffield is still a massive producer of music. Everyone focuses on Arctic Monkeys and they are great but in doing so they forget this diversity of bands. While She Sleeps, The Sherlocks, Bring Me The Horizon are just a few of the bands that Sheffield is constantly producing that go on to take the nation and world by storm.

What is your favourite venue to play in the Steel City?

Has to be Mulberry Tavern. Not only is it a great venue to play sound-wise (you can actually hear what you’re playing!), but the guys that run it are awesome. Jake Eckhart has single-handedly revived the heavy music scene in Sheffield and put Mulberry at the centre of it. Also Craig, an amazing sound engineer, who despite our constant nagging has persevered and made us sound half-good. In short, we couldn’t recommend the Mulberry enough. It’s our second home – until we irritate Jake too much.


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