A relatively new band, DMA’s have come from Australia and have taken the UK by storm.

After releasing a few singles and an EP, their debut album ‘Hills End’ came out in 2016. They also featured on FIFA and anyone that plays it can vouch FIFA playlists have been exceptional in the past. Even though the FIFA 17 playlist wasn’t great, ‘Play It Out’ stood out and brought a lot of attention to the band. A random lad turned to me during the gig and goes, “It’s the FIFA song innit.”

Song covers can be disastrous and hearing that an indie band covered Cher may make you raise your eyebrow, but their version of ‘Believe’ was mesmerising and rated 6th on Triple J’s hot 100 list.

“DMA’s sound is authentically raw.”

Heavily influenced by Britpop and named as the Australian Oasis, their sound is authentically raw and the lyrics are emotionally fuelled with grit. Guitar takes the forefront of their character. On stage was four different guitars, an acoustic, bass and two electric. It gives them a fierce stage presence but also allows them to change tone harmoniously. The beautifully soft ‘Delete’ contrasts with the frantic ‘Lay Down’. Tommy O’Dell, the lead singer, also boasts an incredible vocal ability. Unique sounding and able to hit high notes with rich emotion. Just listen to ‘So We Know’.

DMA’s have a really cool style to match their sound. Also like Oasis, they wear Adidas streetwear. They wear caps that are becoming definitive of, in particular, O’Dell. Baggy t-shirts, chains and funky sunglasses, they look like they’ve walked straight out of Cow.

“A full on moshy rock gig with a lot of violence and fighting.”

Their gig at Plug on the 26th July was not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be calm and still. Quite the opposite. A full on moshy rock gig with a lot of violence and fighting. Amazing atmosphere meant we could properly get into their music rather than standing there awkwardly. The intense moshing was, however, a bit annoying for the slower, more chilled songs where it was completely unnecessary.

Tommy O’Dell’s voice sounded exactly like it does on record which is always a good sign and their blaring guitars burst the ear drums. Because they haven’t released many songs, they performed their whole catalogue. The songs that really stood out were ‘Step Up The Morphine’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Laced’. They do lack a bit of personality on stage, barely speaking between songs but they make up for that when they are playing – the timid Australians aren’t so quiet when they get started on their music.


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