Caroline Francess’ captivating performances have earned her a strong reputation in the Sheffield area. After playing some impressive shows this year and becoming an award-winning artist, Caroline seems determined to take on the world. Ahead of her upcoming EP launch at plug, she spoke to Forge about her year so far, what to expect from the launch and her plans for the future.

Hey Caroline! It seems like you’ve had a really great year so far and I’m sure winning Best Unsigned Artist for Exposed magazine was a highlight. Have there been any other moments that have been real high points for you?

This year so far has just been running on so much momentum, so it’s just been packed with high points. Tramlines was definitely a highlight for me this year. The venue was full to the brim, the crowd had unbelievably high energy, and there was a queue out of the door which was amazing!

Your EP launch is on the 26th August at Plug. What can people expect on the night?

This will be my most empowering, moving, and exciting show yet! We’ve been working our socks off to make this night one to remember, so you can expect a good night.

And for people who may be unfamiliar with your work, can you tell us a little more about your sound?

Powerful yet delicate vocals combined with melodic piano, and backed by dynamic drums, and groovy. I tend to play around with genre and everything has a slightly theatrical edge!

Your song ‘Ready Aim Fire’ is about bullying. Do you like to write songs with powerful messages?

I know how hard it can be to go through the hard parts of life without a voice, and I think music can be the best form of voice possible. So by writing about things I’ve been through, I can reach out to others and help them through a similar thing.

What was the inspiration behind the songs on your upcoming EP Temper Temper?

Pure raw emotion. You’ve got anger, strength, vulnerability, fear… all on one EP! I think it’s so important to be transparent when it comes to the darker side of life.

Your EP launch has support from some great local artists. Do you think Sheffield is a good place to live if you’re a musician?

Sheffield is a wonderful place for musicians. The most amazing thing about it is how close we all are in the music scene, we go to each other’s gigs, root for each other’s success, and bounce off each other’s creativity!

You have a lot of determination to succeed. Can fans of your music expect big things from you in the near future?

They can. Right now I have more motivation and passion for my career than ever before, and I’m not letting go of it any time soon.

Tickets for the launch of Temper Temper, which will take place on the 26th August at Plug, are available here.


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