Across our time at university, most of us will get involved in some form of extra-curricular activity, whether that’s to pursue an interest, develop skills or just to add something to your CV.

For the Steelworks A Cappella group, made up of University of Sheffield students and graduates, their extra curricular involvement has lead to a spot on the Sky 1 TV show Sing: Ultimate A Cappella.

Sing: Ultimate A Cappella is a pure A Cappella talent contest, with groups relying completely upon vocal talent and group harmonies rather than backing bands and performance. Each episode is hosted by Cat Deeley and features five groups performing in three rounds: a medley round (where one group gets knocked out); a famous artist round (where two groups get knocked out); and a showcase round (in which the final two groups sing for a place in the final). At the end of the series, the finalists will be battling it out for the opportunity to record and release a single in time for Christmas.

When researching their new show, Sky came across Steelworks and came up to Sheffield to check them out. The group impressed and were were invited down to London to take part in the show.

Steelworks member Tegan Parish described the experience of filming for the show as exciting but familiar: “As soon as we got on stage, it was like any other show, as though we were standing in front of friends and family”. The show is filmed in front of a live audience, which Tegan said provided a great buzz for the group, encouraging them to give their best performance. The exciting new opportunity for the group has encouraged them to sing more in the future.

Sing: Ultimate A Capella is on at 7pm on Friday evenings on Sky 1, with Sheffield’s Steelworks appearing on 20 October. Don’t miss it!


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