Although they’ve been knocking around the Sheffield dance music scene for just over a couple of years, Front & Back have really come into their own. With recent bookings of Kornél Kovács at The Harley, Baba Stiltz at Hope Works, and an absolute roadblock for Mall Grab at The Night Kitchen back in November, Front & Back seem set on dominating Sheffield’s nightlife scene, and by the looks of it, pretty much every venue in the city itself. Pearson Sound at Yellow Arch is no exception to this.

As a venue, Yellow Arch truly excels as a setting for the evening; the understated setting and no-frills stage production mirroring the smooth and sometimes lo-fi nature of the sounds on display, and truly allowing the music to take center stage.

The night begins with LK / Viers, spinning productions from both of his pseudonyms. Over the course of 90 minutes he combines bumpy acid funk with bright jazzy chords alongside ever present house and techno fundamentals. It’s bluesy, groovy, moody, and really quite good. A solid producer proved to be a solid DJ, and definitely somebody to check out.

Taking control of the room for the next 2 hours comes Prosumer. His set forms a stellar example in setting a scene and moving an entire room from one mood into another. Following on from LK / Viers, he begins with an array reverberating lofi rhythms. This slowly transforms into a more complicated set of lofi rhythms, until the lofi element is lost completely in favour of a more energetic and almost tribal approach, bringing the room into some serious thumping house music with even a touch of disco towards the end. A masterclass in opening up a crowd before a headliner whilst still maintaining a quality set.

For final portion of the evening, Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound well and truly takes the helm. Holding nothing back, he fires through music as if genre boundaries don’t even exist, spanning a variety of UK dancefloor music. Whether it’s breakbeat or techno, atmospheric tribal house to garage, he throws it all in the mix and spits out a surprisingly palatable end product, playing to the strengths of his selections and moving through accordingly.

Front & Back’s evening at Yellow Arch is a stellar example of what Sheffield’s underground music nightlife scene has to offer. An understated venue with a lot of charm (and heaters in the smoking area), a pleasant crowd excited to hear the music on offer, and a stellar lineup of acts that work hand in hand with each other.



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