Album Review: Delorean Drivers – Delorean Drivers


Hailed as the new Scissor Sisters, you would be forgiven for expecting the debut album of, nine-piece, Delorean Drivers to be an explosion of power vocals, electro jangles and catchy lyrics. Their self titled record, however, was no such musical firework display.

With a retro feel, taking elements from disco, glam, dance and pop, the group promise that their album will take listeners on “a fourth-dimensional journey through musical space and time” and no-one could claim that their diverse influences weren’t noticeable throughout it. Within the course of a song, Delorian Drivers often swing from sounding like a hilarious Bee-Gees tribute band and a terrible M People cover group to a bland eighties synth act.

Thanks to this, the album’s tracks just don’t seem to interconnect, an issue that isn’t helped by the vast cast of vocalists and instruments; four vocalists and eight instruments that is, including a harp. They give the group an encompassing sound, but performances from such a great number of soloists leave the record feeling like a compilation album rather than a work from a single group.

Their up-tempo tracks are tolerable and do pack a disco-punch, but their weak lyrics; “I’ll start dancing with my left hand/ I’ll start dancing with my right hand,” are more suited to children’s nursery rhymes than to gay-club-synth-pop and just don’t carry weight on the slower tracks.

Both their solo vocals and chorus numbers sound a little too ‘am-dram’ to be credible. With voices that are over trained and lack emotion, at points the album sounds like the cast of Glee singing The Killers’ album filler, especially track eight whose introduction is more than reminiscent of the opening of Mr Brightside.

That isn’t to say the album isn’t fun. At times, particularly when no one is singing, the tracks are danceable and high energy. You can tell that the group can get a crowd moving and  their eclectic sound ensures that no track on the album is boring.

If you love Alphabeat and Mika, then chances are you’ll probably think Delorean Drivers are okay. If not, I’d steer clear.


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