Album Review: Piney Gir – Geronimo!


If you enjoy easy going folkish girl pop then Geronimo! is the album for you. The new release from Kansas-born, London-based artist Piney Gir is a pleasant little album full of short, pleasant songs with a distinct country vibe throughout.

Though it’s pretty clear that yes, this album is probably aimed at a female audience, in reality its catchy tunes and laid back tempo means it’s really suitable for anyone.

Opening with ‘Outta Sight’, the album jumps to a great start; it’s an enjoyable song with a sweet and gentle feel to it. The mellow guitar complements vocalist Angela Penhaligon’s cute and dainty voice perfectly, sweet as American apple pie.

Unfortunately this is about the only track that stands out as the novelty of the oh-so-sweet demeanour begins to turn sickly quite rapidly. ‘Here’s Looking At You’ is particularly guilty of this, as a monotonous tempo with uninspiring lyrics and that dainty voice become steadily more irritating as the song progresses.

‘Oh Lies’ is slower still and carries on the undesirable themes of the previous song, however ‘The Longest Day of Summer’ picks the album back up again, the vocals and pacing increasing with the addition of some enjoyable country riffs.

The rest of the album sticks with this format and though most of the songs are undeniably catchy there is no real sense of variation between them and it all seems rather samey. It drags on quite a bit, not in a explicitly bad way but the songs seem more like background music than a finished album, and most of the tracks wouldn’t seem out of place in the soundtrack to The Gilmore Girls.

There is nothing particularly bad about this album but nothing particularly good either. It is simply inoffensive and unspectacular.



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