Live: Beaten Trax @ DQ, 26/03/2009

It’s the first time I have visited Sheffield hotspot DQ.  Arriving with no preconceptions, I’m expecting little else other than a night of fun  (and lots of dancing) to the hottest local talent in drum ‘n’ bass, organised by two students to raise money for charity group Bummit.

One thing I was not expecting was a trip back to childhood with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet programmes running on big screens surrounding the dance floor. So when I stepped into the dimly lit, mysterious setting, I was surprised to find that’s exactly what there was.

It didn’t really fit with the music, but it certainly gave the night a humorous feel. Along with the luminous blue lights, it captured the crowd and convinced them to dance the night away. Or that may just have been thanks to the beats of Mr. Shanks and co.

Shanks (from Sheffield’s Bassfire DJs) dub-stepped his little heart out. It was good enough to make most people acutely aware of the music, even if they weren’t dancing. Many a head could be spotted nodding to the beat mid-conversation, which is always a satisfying sign.

The acts seemed to blur together, such is the nature of the music. Alex M, of Detonate fame, gave a few shout-outs to let you know he was there, but it felt rather forced. Still, the music did not. Fresh beats along with ample drum ‘n’ bass was enough to get the audience dancing till dawn.

M. I. Loki (Tricksta) and Bob Kickflip have a very similar sound and it is on the arrival of Jack Opus that really has the masses heading for the dance floor. Whether it’s the intoxicating rhythm of his music or simply the great drinks deals taking their toll, everybody seems to lose their inhibitions at this stage and totally let loose.

Eleven8 who featured later on the bill, blitz beats for all to enjoy.

I stumble out of the club at about 3am, totally exhausted and longing for my bed. But after a night of top talent, cheap alcohol and Thunderbirds all under the same roof, I really can’t complain.


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