Live: Glasvegas @ Leadmill

Glasvegas: Photo by Mark McKay

Glasvegas strode on the stage with the kind of swagger that would have made Liam Gallagher envious. Two years after going missing for five days James Allan presents himself as the eccentric frontman of one of Britain’s greatest rock bands. On Saturday night Glasvegas pumped Leadmill so full of emotionally-charged reverb-filled energy they nearly take the fucking roof off.

Their set explodes into ‘Flowers and Football Tops’ and ‘Geraldine’ to the euphoric delight of the crowd. During ‘Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’ every drum beat is thrashed out with such intensity and every lyric sang with such raw emotion that the band rode a tightrope between tears and ecstasy. ‘World is Yours’ and the gloriously exhilarating ‘Euphoria Take My Hand’ offered crescendos aplenty fuelled by Jonna Löfgren’s seismically thunderous drumming.

The crowd were drunk and jubilant. Grown men swayed with arms round each other singing in hoarse unison. Glasvegas lived up to their status as rock and roll messiahs and on Saturday night they were having it. “Here we go, here we go, here we fucking go” were chanted out with unquestioned devotion by performer and audience alike during ‘Go Square Go’.

Don’t forget that in 2009 James nearly lost his mind in a New York hotel room and missed his bands perfoming slot at the Mercury Music Awards. And the middle of the set James presents his self conscious side while performing ‘If?’ and ‘I Feel Wrong’. But that is does not take away from a phenomenal performance from the Scottish band.

Glasvegas were cocksure and brilliant. The sobering but uplifting encore of ‘Lots Sometimes’ and ‘Daddy’s Gone’ epitomise them. They were beautiful and true, performing with grace and bombast. Glasvegas have earnt a reputation as a band that defines the landscape of contemporary British rock music. The night belonged to them, but particually the tough, vulnerably but beautiful hero, James Allan.


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