Live: The Boxer Rebellion @ Leadmill, 2/05/2009

The Leadmill’s Steel Stage is tonight graced with the presence of two fantastic bands, both that ooze a silent confidence that only skill can justify.

Up first supporting The Boxer Rebellion are electro post-rockers Pure Reason Revolution who bring a mix of heavy rock breakdowns and infectious electro plinky -plonky rhythms.

Like a heavier version of The Whip, Pure Reason Revolution start the night off fairly slowly but get into their stride after epic electro romp ‘Deus Ex Machina’ helps get the crowd moving.

From here on in there’s a sheer effortless fluidity about their performance with the band able to turn everything on its head in a matter of drum stick clicks.

The only real issue tonight is lack of vocal volume with lyrics being drowned out by the sheer force and depth of the band’s music.

By the time The Boxer Rebellion decide to casually stroll onto the stage in one of the least dramatic build ups possible it feels like they might not be taking the performance as seriously as you’d hope.

However this lack of gravitas is exactly what makes the band so great as they prove that they don’t need to show signs of Twang-like arrogance to prove their worth as the quality of their music more than does this for them.

We’re treated to the kind of musicianship that can only come through years of sheer practice and hard work.

The band storm through some of their old album
Exits and previous hits including the gripping and passionate ‘All You Do is Talk’ as well as treating us to some newer tunes off latest release Union.

The crowd are having such a good night that front man Nathan Nicholson gives us the option as to whether the band should leave the stage for the encore or whether they should just keep playing us some music.

The crowd decide on the latter and the band blitz through a somewhat atmospheric version of ‘Watermelon’. 

This is partially due to its clunky guitar rhythms and brutal drums and partly due to the fact the stage lights cut out and we’re forced to watch the band by torch light. 

Substance finally prevails over style tonight as The Boxer Rebellion prove that practice really does make perfect.


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