Shoot Me, I Like Pop. This Week – Adele and Mann

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Yes, I’m one of those people. I’m one of those people who likes to keep up with chart music, and heaven forbid, enjoys the likes of Lady GaGa and even Justin Bieber.

I know! It’s enough to send chills down your spine, right? No, in all seriousness, I genuinely enjoy chart music and I actually don’t like how it is trashed. By so many people it’s immediately assumed that because you like chart music your music taste must therefore be limited and thus poor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The charts actually have a lot of variety and quite a few little gems; if you know where to look!
One such gem who is storming the charts at the minute (and making waves across the pond) is non-other than Adele. The soulful singer-songwriters latest album 21 spent weeks in the number one spot, and her latest single ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ really is stunning.

The song has a beautiful melody, complimented by Adele’s moving voice. It’s one of those which even from the first listen makes you take notice and listen, and that is a rare quality. To check it out for yourself, see this live performance:

And, just to add, her current album 21 is out now and is one that is highly recommended. There are plenty of reasons to love Adele but for me, I love her because she quashes another common pop-music myth – that no pop singers are talented enough to write their own songs. This is completely false. Not all pop singers are Britney Spears, people.
However, as much as I praise chart music, there are plenty of duds I must admit. Take the laughable, ‘The Mack’ by Mann feat. Iyaz and Snoop Dogg. Basically, it’s a cover of the 90s classic ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison, and an absolutely dreadful cover at that. Maybe I’m biased since I like a bit of 90s pop, but the cover just doesn’t do the original justice at all.

The vocals are weak and the track attempts to sell itself on sex as opposed to anything of any worth. Not only that but the lyrics arrogant and off-putting. Snoop Dogg always feels the need to name drop himself in every track of his by saying something stupid like “the Dogg is in the house” and any song with a lyric like that is usually an immediate no-no to me. If you’ve managed to avoid this abomination so far have a look at the video and see what you think:

Sarah’s Pick of the Pops (08/07/2011);


Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat

Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night

Rhianna – California King Bed

Albums :

Adele – 21

Beverly Knight – Soul UK

Lady GaGa – Born This Way

Take That – Progress


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