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In the run up to the release of their debut LP, Woven Material, (and in the wake of its leak) we got a chance to have a chat with Californian, alt-rock band, Evaline.

It’s been more than a few years since Postpartum Modesty. A Portrait of Skin and, whilst it would be rude to ask what took you so long, have you noticed your own musical style change over time and have your influences shifted?

Dramatically. It’s been a long time since that EP came out so you have to realize those influences are now only nostalgic. We are older and as you grow, your influences expand and your taste changes. I believe this record shows that progress. Also Greg and I joined the band after it, so we are two new minds that have to be pleased with the direction of the music. Really, Woven Material, is us gelling as a new form of the band.

What made you, a self-described ‘bunch of kids from California’, record your debut LP in the UK?

Our management is based in London. They found out about Dan Austin when looking for a producer and we fell in love with his work. He was so into our music that we could see he would just be another part of the band. But it was almost impossible to work with him in the US so we flew overseas and did it in the UK. It was an experience of a lifetime and we all fell in love with the country. Always happy to be in the UK!

Do you feel particularly part of any scene, as a result of where you’re from, where you’ve played (e.g. Warped Festival, as support for different bands) or anything else?

No not really. I think our sound floats us between categories. People are still trying to interpret that and decide where to put us. Other bands as well. I think at some point we will fit somewhere and that will be nice.

What would you say are the major themes in Woven Material? Do you have any personal favourite songs from the record?

The major theme is struggling with our situation. It took so long to make the album and release it that we really got down. We’re all getting older and there is only so much time to do this. I think from that angle you could feel so much tension in our music but we kept making sure it sounded honest, energetic and original. Therefore these are our darkest songs. And some are the heaviest. Personally, “There There”, “Feeding…” and “All in My Mind” are my favourites. But really I’m so proud of them. They came such a long way and we learned so much from them.

There There by Evaline

How do you feel about Woven Material leaking online? Is it a good way to spread your music or is it hurting the music industry even at band-level?

It really is both. We as a band just have to adapt, like everyone else. If the Internet is the way, then let’s go that route. But there are still people who buy music and feel they need to. I use iTunes all the time. I’ll go to Amazon. At the same time I’ll take music from a friend and share with others. That’s the way it is now. And there is so much music. It’s hard to break out of. But as a band you just have to work that much harder to sell yourself. It’s a struggle because of it but all the small victories are rewarding.

What would you say is the best way for a band to get noticed these days?

Play live, play a lot and make sure you give fans something to come back to. Always leave your name, number and address.  Haha 😉

Can you tell us a little more about what made you choose the flower you used for Woven Material‘s cover art?

Perry had done a ton of different mock-ups for the record and we actually passed that one up at first. Our management, Riverman, sent over an email so excited about the image. After looking again it really stood out. It’s such a cool shot and just something that catches your eye right away. It symbolized the record to us. At one point we thought the band would die, but as cheesy as it sounds, there is something beautiful about making music and struggling. It makes you appreciate the small things and enjoy every experience you have; the flower shot conveyed that.

You’ve just had a couple of festival slots here in the UK – any plans to come back for a tour in support of your album?

There are no immediate plans but it’s being projected for early fall. We really can’t wait to tour the UK. London is amazing but we need to see more of this country, not to mention Glasgow and Dublin. It would be a joy to play this country over and over and over.

Finally – who are you enjoying listening to at the moment? Seen any great bands whilst out here?

We are all going nuts about The National, Arcade Fire, Elbow and Explosions in the Sky. I always like mentioning Other Lives. We caught them at SXSW and I searched weeks to find their name. I just had a live recording of them as we were at a party nearby. Their new album is incredible. We saw Foo Fighters at Hurricane in Germany and they blew our minds. Bon Jovi at Hyde Park. We also caught a Beyonce show; that was an odd experience but she is such a talent. To be honest, though, we just were gawking at Jay Z in the crowd the whole time so we had blinders on.




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