Review: Zebra and Snake – Healing Music

Zebra and Snake

The unimaginative title of the band is vindictive of the record, a mediocre affair full of overblown synths and annoying vocals. This is Zebra and Snake’s debut album, yet it lacks any kind of vitality expected from a new and up-coming band.

The central problem with the album is that it can’t decide whether it wants to be played in a night club or a stadium venue. The compromise between the two styles results in a meandering electro-pop which culminates in the vocalist’s over-wrought and frankly irritating style.

Track two, ‘The Colours’ is a perfect example of the albums flaws. It starts off with a David Guetta-style beat which is repeated throughout the song, whilst the frontman sings lyrics about death. The record tries to be serious and dramatic, but in attempting to do this it comes across as being contrived.

It seems as if it is a trend amongst indie bands at the moment to add synths to try and sound more interesting. Zebra and Snake appear to be going for a similar sonic aesthetic as The Horrors, who brought out the synths on their recent album Skying. Both albums have similar structural patterns to the songs, but this album lacks the creativity which made Skying such an interesting listen.

Track nine, ‘Foolish heart’ displays a more interesting sonic landscape with electronic sounds jumping around throughout the song. However, the atmosphere is undermined by the lead singers whiney vocals and mundane lyrics.

The repetitive chorus of track three, ‘Now and forever’, perhaps encapsulates the whole album; ‘‘We don’t belong to anyone, we just start and we go.’ It appears as if Zebra and Snake are using electronic music as a sort of launchpad for getting famous. They seem to lack any genuine passion for this type of music and are simply jumping on the bandwagon.

Avoid this album, and find some genuinely exciting electro-pop such as New Order, The Horrors or the really experimental Brian Eno.



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