Tramlines 2011 – Saturday

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Day two at the countries biggest free music festival was even bigger than day one; Division Street was impossible to navigate thanks to hoards of people and the main stage had finally opened their doors. Just like yesterday though, all across the city there was a host of amazing music on offer. And ALL of it was free.

Los Campesinos! @ New Music Stage
Headliners Los Campesinos! didn’t possess same stage-charm as their predecessors, but as one member of the crowd commented after hearing the xylophone kick in, were certainly ‘something different’. They proved a worthy headliner, thankfully playing ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ midway through the set rather than closing with the now-famous Budweiser advert, after announcing “This song’s about beer.” Instead they ended on ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’, a real fan-favourite, which had the crowds reacting as a swirling mass of jumping and dancing. Hardly a single song went by without clapping at some point; proof that the indie darlings had everyone’s attention on them. – CW

Renegade Brass Band @ The Raynor Lounge
8 brass players, 2 percussionists, a scratch DJ and an MC. As you can imagine Renegade Brass Band blew the roof off the full Raynor Lounge. Their alternative hip hop sent the crowd into a frenzy during the Tuesday Club’s BBQ and everyone was jumping. – SB

Starlings @ Foundry
The indie-synth band put on a fantastic set for the, often difficult, Foundry crowd. Foreboding synths swept over the pounding rhythms and flutters of guitar. These local lads put a new  spin on aging indie-rock dragging it, deck shoes and all, into the modern day. By the end, the four-piece were humbled by the fantastic response from the audience. – SB

Dananananaykroyd @ New Music Stage
Dananananaykroyd deserve an award for their amazing showmanship. Unimpressed with some troublemakers near the front, the Scottish lads took some time between songs to remind the crowd that there were “little people” around, and to dance instead of mosh. Things calmed down a little, bar what looked like an ill-timed attempt at a wall of death, but it was clear that both the crowd and the band were having an amazing time enjoying themselves in the sunshine. – CW

DELS @ The Raynor Lounge
The graphic designer/rapper DELS was troubled with sound problems during his set in the Raynor Lounge; a room not built well for live music. Despite the sound problem the Londener  won over the crowd and by the end of the set everyone had their hands in the air. Highlights from the set came in the form of ‘Trumpalump’ and ‘Shapeshift’. – SB

Copy Haho @ Nando’s New Music Stage
Fresh of their European tour with New Music Stage headlines Los Campesinos Saturday saw Scottish four-piece, Copy Haho, bring their brand of melodic rock to Sheffield. Back in 2009 the band released a 7” and an EP – now they’re back, putting out a proper album on their own label. With Pixie Lott on the main stage, it wasn’t the most impressive of crowd – undeterred Copy Haho played an impressive set of rolling drums and confident melodies. Despite being tipped as the best ‘new’ band for a good five years now – Copy Haho shouldn’t be dismissed just yet.RR

Young Legionnaire @ New Music Stage
Young Legionnaire began playing with nary an announcement, surprising the people resting on the City Hall steps with their loud unapologetic rock. However, their music didn’t exactly work in the open air setting, with the stage lighting useless in the sunshine, and their sounds not travelling well across the crowds. Hopefully when they return in October to play at Plug, their surroundings will suit them a lot better and we’ll see how amazing they really can be. – CW

Lemon Teargas @ Frog and Parrot
Lemon Teargas are ‘all Wednesday’, OK? Ok. Now that’s cleared up… The local three piece relished every minute of their set, bantering with friends dotted around the increasingly full Frog  and Parrot. They played energetic, if rough around the edges, dance-punk which the audience couldn’t help but love. – SB

Stand Out Riot @ The Great Gatsby
Billed as a ‘ska-punk-gypsy-hardcore horde’, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Manchester-based seven piece Stand Out Riot. It’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. Formed in 2004, Stand Out Riot incorporate vocals, percussion and strings to create a unique twist on hardcore punk. Almost every band at Tramlines is described as having ‘tremendous energy’ – Stand Out Riot are one of the few that do. Crammed into a tiny corner of Gatsby’s upstairs room they, with no hint of hyperbole, came very close to bringing the roof down. Imagine a mosh-pit in your kitchen. Spectacular. – RR

Pistola Kicks @ The Frog and Parrot
Championed as ‘The most exciting and promising band in Sheffield’ by BBC raw talent in 2008 – it’s no surprise that Pistola Kicks managed to pack out the Frog and Parrot for their Saturday night headline slot. The indie-rock trio play loud no nonsense beats – and they’re good at it, really good at it. Kicking off with The Human League’s ‘Don’t you want me’, Pistola Kicks certainly know how to work a crowd. The rest of the set went off with the same amount energy. After playing a number of venues around the UK and receiving airtime throughout Europe and the US the band have begun to gain themselves a loyal following – a factor that contributed to the fantastic atmosphere. It’s clear that Pistola Kicks have developed into a professional outfit that are going places. – RR

The Spires @ The Frog and Parrot
Formed back in 2005 The Spires combined guitars, tight drumming and synthetic sounds to create a hybrid somewhere between electronic dance and indie-pop. The Sheffield-based three-piece treated the Frog and Parrot to an energetic, riotous set culminating in front-man Matt Smith crowd surfing his way round the entirety of the crowd – it’s only a little pub. With their new single ‘Fireworks’ being picked up by BBC Sheffield introducing, The Spires are definitely one to watch. – RR

Right Turners Beware @ The Harley
Considering how young they looked, Right Turners Beware put on an ambitious set and you could tell they put a lot of effort into their music. Sadly the set was a little too loud and failed to impress the standoffish Harley crowd. The sunlight leaking in from outside didn’t help the atmosphere any either, making the blackened stage on which the threesome played look considerably out of place. – CW

Reason 4 @ Devonshire Green
The X Factor rejects received a warm welcome from the Devonshire Green crowd. Unfortunately the discount JLS’s performance was lacking. It wasn’t clear whether the four-piece were  lip-syncing or not but either way their music felt like cheap manufactured pop. The audience seemed to enjoy the brief inoffensive performance though, and credit to them for that. – SB


Even more to come later…


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