Tramlines: 65daysofstatic @ New Music Stage

If the Sunday of Tramlines was meant to be more relaxed than its Saturday counterparts,
65daysofstatic didn’t get the memo. Ending, ironically for a band with multiple albums, proceedings
on the New Music Stage, generic interlude music suddenly gave way to an eerie voice proclaiming extended silence over a radio line; 65 days of static.

65days of static.

Entering sporadically, the Sheffield foursome eventually all took their positions before exploding into ‘Sirens’, with a previously tentative crowd now in full swing, buoyantly bouncing to the sudden injection of heavy post-rock music.

With the crowd now fully connected to the music, 65days continued to express the diversity their
music consists of, moving from drum heavy songs, such as ‘Crash Tactics’, through to the more
restrained ‘Piano Fights’, before echoing a more melancholic ring to the set with ‘Type A’. All the
while the crowd were engaged with the onstage antics of Joe Shrewsbury, from Mexican wave
commands through to his inter-song monologues regarding politics and chicken establishments.

From here onwards, every song could have been a finisher, and when the piano of ‘Radio Protector’
bellowed out, many thought it would be, as the bands energy (inexplicably) managed to rise for the performance.

But no! As if the performance hadn’t been treating enough, the boys had one more surprise for
their local crowd – ‘Tiger Girl’, an obvious favourite of the crowd considering the many roars when it
began, and this excitement manifested in an electric atmosphere stretching the arena over.

Much like their entrance, they departed sporadically, until all that was left was an overly-energised
crowd who had experienced a Tramlines performance of superb quality and interaction.

Focusing predominantly on more recent material from ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’, some may
not have been satisfied, but throughout the performance the boys managed to infuse old and new,
whilst retaining the diversity their instrumental music has become to be known for.

For many, what with Monday morning calling, 65days would be the last band they witnessed at this
year’s Tramlines. Yet for many, the exuberant nature and sentiment flung onto them through Simon
Wright and co.’s performance would make it the pinnacle of the weekend, just in the knick of time.



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