The Wellbeing Café launches tonight, at 6pm in Inox Dine.

Set up by Welfare Officer Anna Mullaney and SU Development Officer Michael Kind, the Wellbeing Café launches its first ever event this evening, on World Mental Health Day.

Kind described the Wellbeing Café as “a communal space in your Students’ Union with a pay-as-you-feel meal, and a proactive focus on your wellbeing.”

“In it, a shared meal cooked by students out of food that would otherwise be wasted will be served, along with other non-food activities such as mindfulness drawings and arts and crafts. Users will be central to the space, with a student working group having already involved and likely to take over in the future, and user feedback a key part of the development of the project.”

“The long-term plan is a permanent space, following Christmas it will be weekly, and there will be 3 trial events in the run up – 7th November, 5th December, and the first on 10th October at 6pm in Inox Dine.”

At the café, students are encouraged to take part in mindful activities such as colouring, but the Officers are keen to stress that there is no pressure to eat or engage in social activities.



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