The University of Sheffield Enterprise has launched a new scheme called Startup Weekend.

The scheme offers an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneaurs to gain business skills and build their CV.

Described as an ‘entrepreneurial hackathon’, the weekend offers teams the chance to create a solution to a global issue, deliver a pitch and formulate a business proposal in just 54 hours.

There will be help from industry experts and mentors and feedback from the panel of judges with backgrounds in design, development and entrepreneurship.

The aim of the Startup Weekend is to create connections with your co-participants and meet potential future co-founders.

Workshops will be conducted including training in presentation delivery and pitch performance. The opportunity is not exclusively for students, the event welcomes people of all ages and education levels.

The event will take place from 18 – 20 November in the Diamond.

Tickets cost £61.65, which includes travel, meals, accommodation and a Startup Weekend t-shirt.

The tickets are available now online at the University of Sheffield Enterprise website.


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