The University of Sheffield’s Sports Committee is launching a week to promote the #ThisGirlCan campaign encouraging women to pursue sport.

There will be a range of events running across the week to encourage more women to engage in sport and overcome the obstacles that prevent women from participating.

It will be part of the wider national campaign which seeks to acknowledge the barriers in place for women in sport and aims to overcome these to provide a sense of enjoyment, beyond simply taking part in the activity. This could be meeting people with similar confidence issues, learning something new, having fun, and feeling a sense of pride or achievement.

Sports committee are launching the campaign in Sheffield by running events throughout the week of the 6th-10th February. These will include special Give it a Go sessions, a #ThisGirlCan takeover of the concourse and a sponsored Roar night at the SU.

All events are free however there will be opportunities to donate to the charity CoppaFeel! which aims to encourage women to regularly check their breasts for signs of breast cancer and prevent late or misdiagnosis.

Daisy Ash, Sports Committee Member.
Photo Credit: Han Raja

The #ThisGirlCan campaign was introduced to tackle disparities between levels of activity in men and women and to encourage women to pursue sport and exercise by removing the barriers which may prevent them from engaging. British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) published statistics that show that 53 per cent of female students (742,000) are doing some activity each week compared with 63 per cent of male students (680,400) and that 520,600 female students are doing no activity at all compared with 316,000 male students.

Sports Officer Em Roche said, “The reason that the campaign is so important to me is that I can’t imagine my University life without sport and everything that comes with it. I hate the thought that others might miss out on that because of the perception that it’s intimidating or might not be for them. Sport is available to every person and gender certainly doesn’t play a part in that.”

If you want to get involved in the weeks events, head to the Facebook page:

If you want to know more in general about the #ThisGirlCan campaign, find their website here:


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