The University Ski Club SheffSki received 11 pairs of skis from world famous freestyle skier James Woods over the weekend.

The Sheffield born and bred skier, who holds five FIS World Cup medals, uploaded a photo to Instagram hoping to give away some skis to a worthy home.

SheffSki commented on the photo and ended up bagging 11 of the 15 available pairs of skis by going to collect them from the pro skier’s house.

Ben Court, University Ski President, said: “When we do sessions at the indoor slope in Leeds, we’ll take the new skis there and any members can have a go on them and get into freestyle.

“They’re going to save us money and really benefit the club massively. It’s an amazing gesture from him and it’s obviously something close to his heart because he’s from here and even learnt to ski in Sheffield.”

“By the looks of it, the skis are the ones that James grew up using. You can tell that he’s used them for rails and has got good use out of them. I’ve had skis that have lasted four or five years and we now have 11 pairs of freestyle skis to add to the three race pairs and three freestyle pairs we already have. It’s massive.”

Ben also said that the University of Sheffield’s ski club is growing year on year. He was keen to express that if plans went ahead to bring a dry slope back to Sheffield as part of the Parkwood Springs development, the standard of Sheffield skiing would continue to improve. The dry slope that James Woods learnt to ski on has been burned down numerous times.

Ben added: “If people knew they were using skis that belonged to a world class Skier who competes in all the big competitions, then maybe we would get a lot more new members.

“Rental skis, in terms of freestyle, are no way near as good quality as you would want to freestyle on. The ones that James has given us range in size so we now have skis to pretty much suit everyone.”


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