Forge Press banned from distributing to university residences

In an unprecedented move, the University of Sheffield has banned Forge Press from distributing copies of tomorrow’s paper in the student villages and other university owned residences.

This comes after they were made aware of an investigation by Forge Press which will be printed in tomorrow’s paper.

Forge Press editor Alisha Rouse said: “The University’s attempt to censor its own student newspaper is the worst attempt at damage limitation I have ever seen by a media team.

“We owe students a duty of care to expose abuses of power at the expense of student welfare.

“This poor attempt at gagging has only made us pursue this with more vigour.”

To find out more, pick up a copy of Forge Press or read the full story here.


9 Responses to “Forge Press banned from distributing to university residences”

  1. Kat Jones

    Just wow.
    This makes me ashamed to say that I went to The University of Sheffield.

    On a side note – they have completely underestimated the power of social media, so whatever the piece is about the uni have just made it a lot worse for themselves by generating more circulation and publicity!!!

  2. Alex

    Wow – classic case of the Streisand Effect. I saw this on my Facebook news feed, shared by at least 4 people – which is far more people than I’d usually expect to see post the same link to a news story.

    I’ll definitely be grabbing a copy tomorrow!

  3. Alexandra

    Hi Guys, I’m the editor of Surrey Uni’s newspaper, The Stag, and I just wanted to say that an outrage I think this is. We will be publishing an article about your ordeal with the University in our newspaper. Sending the Stag’s support!

  4. Mia

    Why should the Residences allow distribution of material that just wants to s*** stir and write crap about them? I agree if they decide not to allow distribution.

    • Kaz

      As a member of the Forge Press team, I can assure you that we are not “shit stirring”, nor are we allowed to print “crap”. Everything in the article is accurate, and if you find something that isn’t, feel free to comment otherwise and we’ll be happy to publish a correction. We feel our editorially independent newspaper should be freely available for all students.

    • Alisha

      Hi Mia,
      Why should the government allow distribution of material that just want to write s*** and write crap about them?
      Because it’s true, it’s freedom of the press, and frankly, if they didn’t engage in such unethical activity, we wouldn’t have anything to write about them. If someone does something wrong, should we keep quiet? Christ, no. Or else press is dead.

      • David

        The difference is that it’s your opinion that the University did something wrong. You didn’t present a balanced article, it was simply a biased attack against the University. Although I didn’t support their move to ban the piece (that was poor judgement) although I gather they retracted that decision in the end.

        Journalism is not supposed to be a platform for you to enforce your views on other people under the guise of truth.

        I noticed you were much more focused on getting buzz for your paper than actually supporting workers rights, as demonstrated by the total omission of the story when you spoke on Radio Sheffield. All this story seemed to create was a storm in a tea cup.

  5. David Holland

    Oh, the irony. The Students’ Union has ‘forged’ ahead with its own undemocratic censorship campaigns for years now – ‘No Platform’ and the ban of The Sun being two more obvious examples.
    How can we possibly combat censorship if our own SU is so undemocratically censorious?

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