GAG MAG not a barrel of laughs

Magazine sellers posing as members of Sheffield Raising and Giving (RAG) have been denounced by RAG Chair Rachel Colley as “aggressive” and their publication “obscene”.

The magazine, titled GAG MAG, is being sold along Fargate in the city centre under the pretence of raising money for Sheffield RAG.

But in fact, the profits from magazine sales are being taken by the vendor, rather than donated to charity.
In the introduction to the magazine, the writers claim that it is produced “as an initiative to give students, ex-students and the unemployed, the opportunity to earn money by the selling of it.”

GAG MAG also states it has been “compiled and printed by scholars and top wits” at various Russell Group universities, including the University of Sheffield.

Sellers of Gag Mags have also been spotted in Leeds and Birmingham.

Several formal complaints to South Yorkshire Police allege that the sellers have been abusive towards members of public. But currently none of the victims of the abuse have decided to press charges.
Sheffield RAG has also received numerous complaints from people who believe that they are responsible for the magazine’s publication and distribution.
Chair of RAG, Rachel Colley, said: “This publication is nothing to do with RAG. Sheffield RAG has a great affinity with the local community and due to the original RAG magazine Twikker, people are buying these editions, which are obscene and are ruining the name of RAG.
“The sellers are aggressive, even chasing some members of the public into shops hurling abuse at them and hassling passers by.”
Community Fundraiser at the University, Emma Damian-Grint, spoke to South Yorkshire Police on behalf of RAG yesterday.
She said: “The police officer that we have been dealing with will be pursuing them the next time they are in the city centre. They do not have a charity number, but because they dress up their activity as selling a periodical magazine, they do not need a permit or license.
“However, the officer involved has said that he has had complaints from other charities and will now be tackling them the next time they are in the city. We hope that this operation will be shut down by the beginning of next year.”



17 Responses to “GAG MAG not a barrel of laughs”

  1. Kayleigh

    I don’t really see the issue with this. Bought it today, the guy told me honestly that he was unemployed and this is his way of making money. I didnt expect it to go to a charity. I know it’s going to him, he’s unemployed. He doesn’t have a job, at least he’s off his ass an off trying to make a bit of his own money? I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Oh wait…the government don’t receive tax. Just like everything else…the government arn’t making a gain, therefore do not like. I get it.

  2. Nicola

    I bought it last week from a guy in Redcar, he was upfront and told me he was unemployed and wnated to make money. I see no problem with this. However the content of the magazine is disgusting!!! Some of the “jokes” are highly offensive and not at all funny. I’m not at all of a sensitive nature and it would be different if someone down the pub told me them but the fact that they are in a magazine is sickening.

  3. Harry Ashworth

    I have been hassled into buying at least 3 of these stupid things, and for one thing have payed more than 3 of them are worth, but when ever I go to MIDDLESBROUGH I am always on look out for the guy selling the Gag Mag so I don’t have to buy another one. Get the scumbag locked up.

    • marc

      harry ashworth, you were ‘hassled’ into buying three of these magazines? looks like it’s true what they say about a fool and his money.

  4. LH

    They’re back hassling people in Sheffield city centre. Were being aggressive to passers by yesterday, especially lads intimidating women. This really needs stopping.

  5. colin crawford

    i have bought this magizine on a few occasions and thought it was very amusing indeed,the seller told me he was unemployed and it was his way of making a living rather than spongin of the social ,so all in all i think its a great idea and also it gave me a giggle so i suggest people lighten up and if they can afford to help a honest hardworker and give them 3 quid for a laugh ,so be it

    • Laura

      Yeah, the “joke” in mine about a woman being beaten by her drunk husband was hilarious…why don’t we all lighten up about domestic violence.

  6. wemwitch

    Bought one from a couple of girls claiming it was produced by Shrewsbury collage of Arts & technology Drama Students,
    They were perfectly pleasant though.

  7. Toni

    Bought this today in Manchester, the guy selling it told me he wrote and published it himself (which having flicked through isn’t true). Scholars and top wits also missing!

  8. Laura

    Bought one today from a man saying he was unemployed and was looking to make money. Will never buy one again, the jokes are disgusting and most are about women- one was even about domestic violence! There’s no excuse for that regardless of their sob stories. I’m wondering whether to go back to town tomorrow and see if he’s still there, wouldn’t mind telling him what I think. The only thing to be glad about is I didn’t give him the full price.


  9. kayleigh

    The guy in Liverpool told me that this was for disabled chilldren for christmas! GET THIS SHUT DOWN PLEASEEE! I WAS PRESURED INTO BUYING THIS FOR THE CHILDREN WHEN IT WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO THIS GUY WHAT A IDIOT!

  10. Holly

    A seller was in Stafford town centre today; I thought this was being shut down?! I was pressured into buying it under the pretence that he was from the university and the money was going to people in wheelchairs. I was on my break at work and didn’t have time to question him but he followed me a little when I first refused and I did feel intimidated. Also, it says on the magazine that it is for 18 years and older. I am nineteen and have an extremely young face (I look about 15) no ID was asked of me and I find the jokes highly offensive. Next time I see him I will be having a word.

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