Sports Officer restricts media access to Varsity 2012

Sports Officer Ben Baldwin has removed pitch side and media access from Forge Media during the rest of this year’s Varsity competition.

In an ongoing row between Sheffield Students’ Union Officer Ben Baldwin and Forge Media the officer revoked the right for reporters to have pitch side and player access during the week of Varsity.

The move comes as Baldwin was angered over Forge Media providing updates of the overall Varsity score on Twitter and a live blog.

Baldwin said reporters would be allowed to attend the matches but would not be allowed to use press passes to gain access to the pitch side or players while they were on the pitch.

He also said if reporters wanted to cover the events they would have to pay for access to the venues.

The implications of the ban on pitch side reporters means sports teams will lose out on coverage for their teams.

Also, Forge TV discovered they would not be allowed to film inside the showpiece football finals after Hillsborough said they cannot take cameras into the venue.

Last night Baldwin tweeted: “As for Hillsborough I’m actually on @ForgePress side in trying to get them there it wasn’t my call.”

He says the decision to not to allow cameras into the stadium was made by Hillsborough and he is continuing to work to change the decision.

University of Sheffield football club captain Daniel Padfield criticised the decision:  “I think some people just can’t make it like there will be family and friends all over the country that want to watch their friends playing this game.

“They’ve managed to film the rugby they’ve managed to film the swimming and they’ll be filming boxing today and I just don’t understand why cameras won’t be allowed into Hillsborough.”

Pressure has come from Baldwin as well as Hallam Sports officer Colan Leung.

Leung last night tweeted: “Don’t reveal the scores!! Don’t spoil it!! END OF!! It’s us who run & fund.”

The current Varsity score is 15-10 to the University of Sheffield and you can see live coverage here.

Last updated March 24.


7 Responses to “Sports Officer restricts media access to Varsity 2012”

  1. Daniel Padfield

    Hi, just to confirm I had heard about this situation for 40 minutes before the interview, I hadn’t had a chance to talk to Ben Baldwin and I am the club captain, not the first team captain. Thanks.

  2. Alan Pardew

    Stop making this into a story, the focus should be on varsity and not how you have let your university down by foolish and immature behaviour.

  3. LD

    Leung’s justification for blocking everything is just “I AM THE BOSS?” I’ve heard of irrational, and this is it

  4. Rachel Blundy

    Wow. This is almost as stupid as Ryan Giggs trying to enforce a superinjunction about an affair EVERYONE knew about. Well done Forge for challenging this barmy restriction. Officers need to be put in their place sometimes.

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