Two fires in a week on the Nook in Crookesmoor

Firefighters are warning students to be more alert around the house after a two fires on one street in Crookesmoor last week.

The fires at two properties on The Nook were put out with minimal damage but both the police and fire service are advising residents to pay more attention to possible fire hazards.

Emergency services were called to The Nook early on Saturday morning when food was left cooking unattended and caught fire at the home of a group of students. Firemen said the group had been drinking when the incident took place at around 4:30am.

The incident comes after two female residents of The Nook had to evacuate their property quickly last Sunday when an unattended candle set fire to a bedroom.

The tea light was left burning on top of the television and the flame set fire to a drape hanging from the wall.

Fortunately, the smoke alarms went off and the two residents managed to exit safely and alert the emergency services.

Crews from Rivelin and Lowedges arrived quickly on scene and the fire was put out with minimal damage to the property.

Neither of the residents was injured.

South Yorkshire Fire Service Watch Manager Tim Lancashire said: “This incident shows just how dangerous using tea lights can be. If they are placed close to materials, on top of televisions or on window sills there is a big risk of fire.

If people are intent on using them they should never be left unattended.

“There was some damage to the bedroom but the occupants did the right thing by closing the bedroom door to keep it from spreading, and getting out of the house straight away.”

Ian Fenton, a spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said that the fire service expected an increase in these types of incidents, with darkness setting in much earlier and Christmas decorations making an appearance.

He stressed the importance of vigilance around fire hazards such as candles and electrical appliances.

The fire service is also encouraging students to test their smoke alarms regularly.

Current legislation states that all residences built after June 1992, must be fitted with smoke alarms on every floor of the property.


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