How did you vote today?

Joshua Maher, 18, Biology Student

“I went for the Green Party.

“I voted for the Liberal Democrats at the general election, but after everything with Nick Clegg, I couldn’t vote for them again.

“I voted Yes to AV. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it’s better than first past the post.”





Mary Smith, 19, History and Politics Student

“I voted for Labour because I’ve always been a Labour voter, but all the parties seem to be a bit of a blue right now.

“I voted Yes to AV. I didn’t really know much about it, but I watched people talking about it and learnt for myself.”





Christopher Noble, 21, Biomedical Science Student

“I’m voting Yes to AV. It’s a fairer system over all.

“It stops people voting just to block other parties.

“I probably will vote for the Lib Dems in the council elections. I feel they have been pushed into being a Tory scapegoat.”





Jack Wing, 18, Philosophy Student

“I voted for the Green Party, but not because I’m disenfranchised with the Lib Dems – I wanted to vote for them anyway. They seem to do politics as it should be done – not just as a career.

“AV is a slightly better system than what we have now. I feel that if I vote No to AV then we won’t get a chance to our voting system again to something we do really want.

“AV isn’t the best system, but saying No is saying you’re happy with the system how it is now.”



Dominic Spiers, 19, History Student

“Council Elections just don’t bother me much, but I’m voting No to AV. I don’t really believe it’s a good option – people’s first and second preferences shouldn’t be weighted equally.”






Joe Biatch, 20, History and Politics Student

“I’ll probably vote along national lines, rather than local ones. The council elections at home will mean more to me than the ones here.

“I’m voting Yes to AV. It’s a step towards proper electoral reform.”






Alex McNelis, 19, History and Politics Student


“I like first past the post. I like the idea of majority governments.”


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