Tuesday 16th January 2018


Potential PM replacement Jacob Rees-Mogg is a political ‘alien’

Jacob Rees-Mogg makes no attempt to conceal his immense privilege. He has, for the entirety of his life, been provided a tremendous head start...

Library wars: which is your favourite?

Every Sheffield student has a library preference. Three of our contributors have decided to battle it out. Who are you backing?

What is it like to attend university with an invisible disability?

Having an unseen disability is a struggle. You face judgement from society and a lack of empathy from peers, academics and employers.

When will America give up guns?

With 31% of the world’s mass shootings since 1966, it’s time for the United States to catch up with the rest of the world and introduce gun controls.

While not ‘without fault’, the celebration of Halloween’s ‘fictional’ evils isn’t...

Of the two kinds of people the previous article described, “those who know nothing of the event’s occult connections and those who simply don’t care” I suppose I would fit into the latter.

Society keeps Miss-ing the mark: use the right title

She is the Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley, previously worked at Women’s Aid, and is a proud and outspoken feminist.

Can Vince Cable really bring the Lib Dems back to power?

The Liberal Democrats’ tainted reputation from the Coalition Government puts Vince Cable in a delicate position of trying to restore the popularity the party had once.

Is the term ‘chav’ intrinsically classist?

The term ‘chav’ has become an accepted piece of everyday slang. It is thrown about to describe the way people dress, act and where they live.

Could you be friends with someone with different political views?

We recently asked if you could be in a relationship with someone whose political views are different to yours. How about a friendship? Yes -...

Bisexuality needs to be ‘embraced’, not ‘erased’

I am and always have, as far as my memory takes me back, been attracted to both men and women. Only as you get...

Paymar: inflation strikes football

There is a truth to football. A purity, an intensity and a spirit which makes it irresistible to take part in and watch. From...

John Lewis are ‘revolutionary’ for introducing gender-neutral clothing

Although it’s only just making headlines, John Lewis introduced gender-neutral clothing last year in association with Let Clothes Be Clothes, a group of parents...

There’s a lot to love about Sheffield’s Freshers’ Week

Love it or loathe it, Freshers’ Week is upon us! Whether you’re a pub quiz champion, dark fruits dancing queen or a proud Southerner...

Could you date someone with opposing political views?

We asked if someone having different political views to yours would be a deal-breaker in a relationship. Here are your thoughts. Yes - "I'm sleeping...