Is the term ‘chav’ intrinsically classist?

The term ‘chav’ has become an accepted piece of everyday slang. It is thrown about to describe the way people dress, act and where they live.

‘Facesnapstagram’: social media apps are increasingly similar

In a world where every app update seems to come with a new and uncalled for copycat feature (Facebook stories, anyone?), are we heading towards social media oblivion?

Forge Radio Playlist 02/10/17 – 16/10/17

Track of the Week: Estrons - Cold Wash (Week One) and Life Aquatic Band - Paint It Blue (Week Two) A1 Liam Gallagher - Greedy Soul Miley Cyrus – Thinkin' Jessie Ware - Alone Demi Levato - Sexy Dirty Love P!nk - Beautiful...