Dentists came from behind to beat Maths in a final that unusually didn't feature SUNC

2016 saw the first Intra Mural Netball Final without a Netball Club team for several years, with Dentists (SUDSS) and Maths (SUMS) playing against each other for the famous yellow t-shirt and medal.

The all-important game began at 5pm, with support from both teams within the big crowd.

Maths took the first centre pass and secured the first point inside one minute. A calm and controlled shot from Dentists’ captain and goal attack Becca Winterbottom allowed Dentists to equalise, taking the score to 1-1. Maths went on to take their second centre pass, but they seemed to be struggling to get the ball into the attacking third as Dentists maintained a strong defence, with GB Volleyball player Dami Bakare at goal defence and Lucy Slater at goal keeper.

Four minutes in, and Maths started to pull away, taking the score to 3-1. Dentists then took another centre pass, however, a well timed interception from Maths’ centre, and captain, Casey Bell, allows Maths get their turnover. Nine minutes in and the score sat at 7-4 to Maths. By the end of the first quarter, they had made that 7-5.

The victorious Dentists Netball team

The victorious Dentists Netball team

The second quarter started off slowly and steadily, with both teams struggling to score as the ball made its way up and down court. At 17 minutes in, Bakare made an inception, causing Maths to lose possession, providing Dentists with the opportunity to score, which they took, making the score 10-7 to Maths. A strong feed into the attacking D by Dentists’ centre, Alice Burkey, allowed Dentists score, cutting the deficit to 10-8.

By the end of the second quarter, Dentists had managed to make two turnovers, putting the pressure on Maths as they ended the second quarter just one down at 11-10.

As the third quarter commenced, Dentists were able to get the ball into their attacking third with ease, however, a confident lean from Maths’ goal keeper, Tessa Sawyer, prevented the shot being scored, and Maths got the turnover. Maths managed to get the ball into their attacking D, however, Bakare’s strong defensive skills prevented the goal for Maths. At 28 minutes in, the scores were tied at 12-12: Dentists having caught up and found their rhythm on court as the players looked calm and controlled. The score remained evenly tied at 13-13, then 14-14 until 32 minutes in when Dentists began to break away. By the end of the third quarter the tables turned, with Dentists taking the lead at 17-16.

An accurate shot from Kirk took the score to 18-16 to Dentists at the beginning of the final quarter. By the 39th minute Dentists pulled away with a score of 20-16, causing Maths to become flustered. Two minutes later and the score was 21-18. Josie Appleby, Maths’ goal attack attempted a shot, however, Bakare deflected it, allowing Dentists to regain possession. Susannah Payne, goal shooter for Maths, read the pass well, making an inception, allowing Maths to regain possession. Appleby took another shot, but it was again deflected. Dentists defence remained strong, as, at the final whistle, Dentists took home the winning medal, with a final score of 22-19.

Dentists captain’s player of the match went to Dami Bakare.

Images: Wikimedia Commons & Leona Awoyele